Natural resources of Belarus

For many years Belarus has been famous for its picturesque nature, wonderful lakes and original culture. The beauty of Belarusian nature is modest and tender. This is the land of forests and oak-woods, thousands of rivers and lakes, spacious fields and meadows opened to the warm sun.

The landscapes of Belarus are not bright and sophisticated. Quiet charm of Belarusian nature appears gradually through grey misty mornings, pale pink dawns, sad cries of cranes, transparent greenery of forests and fields, rustle of leaves, smell of resin and field grass…

Belarus is often called blue-eyed. Thick carpet of its wonderful territory is generously washed by invigorating moisture of more than 10 000 lakes and 20 000 rivers.

Naroch is the largest lake. Its area is about 80 square kilometers.

Huge spaces of coniferous and mixed forests form pushchas. Belovezhskaya Pushca is the most famous one. Berezinskiy Biosphere Nature Reserve, national parks “Belovezhskaya Pushca”, “Braslav lakes”, “Narochanskiy reserve” and “Pripyatskiy reserve” are unique places of intact nature.